Thursday, July 12, 2007

my gun needs a name.

D for GP, U for chem, U for maths and the scary thing is I'm not all that worried. :x

Had to wait an hour before the range opened for training yesterday. WTF man. How the hell are we supposed to get anything done if that happens everytime?! And how are we going to train in there?! It's fucking warm inside. Imagine wearing the suit in the school range. Can die one lor. Bro. Paul, if you're reading this...

Anyway, AR 12 IS MINE!!! MINE!!!!
Hopefully, it'll help me hit 560, then 565, then 570 AND THEN 580!!!! RAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Went to watch Transformers with chris, nic and zheng kai after training.

FUCKING AWESOME SHIT. Megatron was useless and a total noob. He received a pathetic amount of screen time too. Fugly bastard HAHAHA. Optimus and his cool sword FTW. And I thought bumblebee looked better in his original form. The new car was... bulky. But I'm not complaing. The movie was totally worth using up the remnants of my $$ for. I'm broke but I'm happy. How broke? Leftwithnotenoughmoneytoevenbuyameal kind of broke. So now I can't go out for the rest of the month. Fuck.

Ima go off now. Got a load of projects to complete. So much for slacking for the first week. :/

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