Monday, July 9, 2007

oh yeah... back to school. Woke up late. Reached school late. Good start to the week huh?


To all:
You people represent the best of CJ. You guys have been like a second family. To be honest, shooting was about all I looked forward to on most Wednesdays and Fridays. Now that you're all done with shooting I don't know if it'll ever be the same without you J2s here. We'll see, but I'll remember all of you forever. Unless I develop Alzheimer's later on in live or something. Ah crap, let's just say I'll never forget you guys intentionally. :p

To the rifle guys:
Don, Ting Wei, Clarence and Gerard. Biggest bunch of jokers around. haha. Training with you all was always fun. Every training session also can talk cock. I'll miss going to eat 'good shit' with you all after training! And err... all that stuff I said about SJI and SPS sucking? I didn't really mean it yea. So can stop flaming Marists already? LOL. Peace

To all again:
Well, study hard and all the best for the A levels! Try to come down to the range too if you can la k? (:

I do not normally do this and it's reserved for special occassions only so I'M NOT GAY.


One for every J2! LOL. Sorry if I missed out any. Tell me if I did and I'll add more! :D

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