Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tricked Persuaded my dad to let me stay home today. Felt really horrible this morning. I swear I almost popped a vein trying to clear my nose. Most horrid. Getting phlegm stuck at the back of my throat was no fun either.

I'm feeling much better now though. Thanks for asking.(sarcasm.(lots of it))

Now for some random pictures because I think y'all would rather look at them than read about me trying to clear my airways and coughing up gelatinous yellowish phlegm in the process(which oddly became watery after sitting for a while in the sink)(Ahh. The wonders of human biology).

Or would you? Nah. I'll be nice.


I saw this in Popular at Northpoint and almost LOL'd for real. xD

Just a pic that I took from my seat in class. I think the tree you can see through the windows is gone now though. Pruned or something.

Now this is the sex. 5th from the left, 4th from the right. That's my bitch.

I was looking at my medicine after getting back from the doctor's and guess what I saw?

It says "POISON". On a box of antibiotics. How reassuring.

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