Tuesday, August 28, 2007

yet another reason to hate JC life

Heaps of paperwork. I don't remember having half as many reports and write-ups in secondary school. All of these pesky drafts and re-drafts would make for good origami practice.

It's time once again to bitch and whine about the subject that we all love to hate! No not chinese. IT'S P-FUCKING-W!!! WOO! This is serious stuff.

From what "Mr. Haiz" told us today, our written report component is marked largely on whether or not the group has come up with "insightful" ideas.

Now by "insightful", I take it that he meant new ideas. Fresh ideas that have never seen the light of day because they were stuck so far up Uranus. (MOE is so anal. So are my home tutors.)

Therein lies a wee problem. How many times does MOE think it can get "insightful" ideas before they come across another project proposal that seems vaguely familiar?
Why's that? Oh, I don't know. Maybe because there are only so many fucking ideas that we students can come up with before someone thinks up a seemingly fresh idea that turns out to have been done before.
Contrary to popular believe, there IS a limit to what the human mind can come up with.

Back on topic. Frankly, these reports and essays and write-ups and what not are starting to get on my nerves. What's more, it's spoiling my plan to cut down on computer usage. The first thing I do when I get home nowadays is to switch on my computer and attempt to type some stuff out. What usually happens is I end up reading blogs. Seriously. It's wasting my time because I have no self-discipline. This is partly the reason why I go for night study. No distractions.


Woke up with a sore throat today. And I think I'll be going to sleep with it. it's been 17 hours. 17 hours with a damn sore throat. It hurts to even breathe. FUCK.

Bio prac today was fun! SAt outside the lab playing orientation games with joel, nicole and yong hao. LOL. Joel got sent out for wetting the floor. tsk. And we followed him out. We are such nice classmates!

Then after that I went for night study. Not very productive. BUT. I did manage to finish term 2 econs notes! WOO!

About Sunday:

Monthly shoot. Most disappoints. 538. I am better than that. I am not going to blame the gun, although it wasn't exactly the most comfortable gun I've shot with. Nevermind. There's still time to train. Lots of time. And I owe coach a reflection and I have to set up a shooting blog. Soon.

About Saturday:

Went for the AJ charity concert because ding hui said it would be nice. LIAR. They don't even have a proper stage. Ah well, the company was way better than the performances. 4k people + 1 ex-3K. HAHAHA! Then after that, we wanted to go for dinner. DH, being DH, wanted to 'test bus'. Ended up a loooooong way away from AMK hub. Ass.
Oh! And I learnt how to crack straws. Yes, drinking straws. Watch out people. Don't leave your drinks unattended. hah.

K I'm going to sleep now. Hopefully this sore throat will magically disappear in my sleep.


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