Sunday, September 9, 2007

hello, hello.

This is what I've been busy with for the past few days.


erm no. I didn't make that. It's Far Cry. Looks like a postcard or something eh? Beautiful. And it looks even beter in game. Trust me. Take away the guns and the fiendishly difficult AI and it's almost an online resort. And this was all made circa 2004.

Now it's 2007. CRYSIS. GIMME. NOW.

Then there's this.

those dance moves + mass dance = OMG I can't stop laughing! xD

Anyway. It's Sunday now. 12 more days to promos. OH ****. Where's my will to study when I need it? Oh well.

So now that I think I've said all that I have to say, I bid you all good night. or morning. heh

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