Sunday, September 2, 2007

I was clearing my comp and I came across these two pics.

Guess what I used this for! :D

Ahh yes... Big time. Now there's a way to get out of obligations.

Let's say a friend(not included) does you a favour. Friend says "You owe me big time."
Send them this awesome picture of a beautiful, hand drawn, large clock and you can call yourselves even! Yay!
Brilliant innit? I should be given an award or something.
(Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you lose your friends because of this. Use at your own discretion.)

Yes, I drew them. Wonderfully ingenious, don't you agree? Go on, say yes.
Aww shucks. You're too kind. (:

Now on to urgent matters. Bladder bursting urgent.
PW written report due in 12(lg 10)(ln e^12530-12529)-6+4-3+5 days!!
That's like... 12 days away!

oh yea. The potential sponsors that I've emailed haven't replied.

That is all. nitez

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