Monday, September 3, 2007

tadpoles = <3

Like, hello.

I want freaking tadpoles! Damn cute! They go like gulpgulpgulp ahahahaha!

Woo. Best bio SPA ever. But I dropped my tadpole on the tabletop. Sorry tadpole. omg I'm apologising to a tadpole...

Aye. Anyway, this morning I had a bio lecture. It was supposed to start at 8. I was there at 745. So I sat outside LT5 WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO COME AND OPEN THE LT. And then Joel comes and just walks in. I feel stupid.

Then after the bio lect and SPA, I took the MRT to Little India! I was supposed to go see some dude at the LTA offices at 2. I reached there at 12. Slightly early. So I went over to Sheng Siong to throw away money do some shopping. I HAVE MARSHMALLOWS(they're slightly cheap and they taste weird, but marshmallows are marshmallows).

And then I went back out onto the streets and it was raining. Stupid weather. Did you know that the CJC jacket does a pretty good job of keeping stuff dry? Sucks at keeping you warm though. So I used my jacket that-that-is-good-at-keeping-stuff-dry-but-sucks-at-keeping-you-warm to like, you know, keep my bag dry and ran to the LTA offices. Gah. Fucking rain.

So I met the dude at the LTA offices and he gives me specifications for the tactile flooring in MRT stations along the NEL. Hooray. Winz. Then I ran back to the MRT station. This was for PW by the way(the meeting with the LTA dude part. not the running around in the rain part).

Then I MRT'd to bishan to meet joey to study. We were all that was left of a supposed study group. Oh and when the train was almost at bishan, I walked to the wrong side of the train so I ended up facing away from the platform while everyone else was getting off. Damn malu la.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, coffee bean at J8 was packed so lunched at Mac's. Finished lunching, still no space at coffee bean, went to library. Still no place(didn't even have one corner to lak), bus'd to serangoon gardens. Went to coffee bean at serangoon gardens. Was full. Waited a while. Wasn't full anymore. Sat down and tried to study but failed because it was too cold and I was too busy trying to keep warm. 16 fucking degrees on a rainy day. Who the hell turns the aircon all the way down to 16 degrees on a rainy day???!?!?!

Yarrr. So now I'm going to end this post because I just remembered I'm supposed to complete another write up for PW tonight. pppbbbttttttt.

Edit: Ohoh and I forgot. This is a small exercise, a survey if you will. Please tag if you read this. I wanna know who visits. Just a smiley will do. Or if you're really lazy then just a single alphabet or maybe a punctuation mark. Ah up to you la. But tagging is a MUST. Like, compulsory.

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