Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm going to find out how to put drawings on blogger so I can draw posts instead of typing them out (is that even possible?). Some things are better expressed in illustrations. :D

Stuff to purchase soon:
gfx pad
small barcode tattoo
2x ear piercing on left ear

I'm still thinking of an easily concealable place for the tatoo. Suggestions anyone? I'm open to anything except tattoos down there. I mean, OUCH?
Some places are just out of bounds.
Actually, I think I just lost the nerve to get the tattoo. :x
What a wuss.

SPS friendly tmr. This thing about not being able to use CJ's guns is starting to annoy me. What is the point of buying guns when we're only allowed to use them in school during trainings and in major competitions, seriously.
Pointless, no?

I suddenly feel like eating cake. Prolly 'cos there are packets of cake sitting on the desk next to me right now. No, I will not share. HAHAHAHAHA kidding.
Maybe if you leave a tag asking for cake, I'll send a slice over through the mail.
NOT. hahahaha
Hey, I mean even if I wanted to, I can't send a slice of cake throught the mail can I? Right? Right?


This is what sleep deprivation does to you.

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