Thursday, November 29, 2007

Slept through the entire afternoon. I'm going to have a helluva tough time sleeping tonight :/
Going off on vacation on SUNDAY! YAY!

For two whole weeks. Not so yay. Going to miss shooting, shooters and friends. ):

I feel like throwing away all my notes. They are taking up A LOT of space on my desk. Budden if I throw them away then I can't study next year. xD LOL ok this is getting stupid. I'm just typing down what I'm thinking at the moment and that changes constantly.

Ritz biscuits are incredibly salty. Always have water nearby.

The workers next door are throwing up literal clouds of dust with all that drilling going on. I fear for my lungs. And whatever that's left out in the open becuase it's going to get covered with a sheen of fine dust. Asshole contractors don't know how to put up sheets to spare us the worst of it.

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