Wednesday, November 28, 2007

yes yes yes! I think I found a rythm in shooting! V.NICE!
Maybe, just maybe, this will help me break past the 550 range into 560 or maybe even 570!

V. EXCITES! We'll see how it goes later today at NJ.

565 565 565 565 565 565 565 565 565 565

Looking forward to my family vacation to malaysia and hong kong next week! I hate malaysia though. KL is too far away to drive to. (I hate those long journeys with nothing to do but listen to music/sleep/look at clouds/counting distance markers/imaginary racing... you get it. Mind numbingly boring. Prolly the reason why I'm almost always stoned when we reach my aunt's house.) At the same time, it's too close to justify the price of a plane ticket. Don't even mention budget airlines. They suck donkey balls. Sure, they're cheap and all, but I keep getting airsick in those planes.

I wish my relatives would move or something. Or maybe my family should migrate somewhere else. I don't think I want to stay in singapore when I grow up. Maybe I'll buy an island in dubai. LOL. Kidding. No $$$.
Or maybe I'll just be a pilot and fly everywhere ahahaha! Yes, that would be nice. Unless my plane crashes or something, or if... NO! NO MORBID THOUGHTS. I would be an ace pilot by then and never ever crash or come close to crashing. Or maybe I'll just be a homeless bum living off the streets. That's a lot of maybes. Maybe I should be going to sleep right about now. LOLOL. NJ friendly in 9 more hours! Fingers crossed.

565 565 565 565 565 565 565



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