Thursday, January 24, 2008

eh shit. i'm kinda short of $$$ ):

had econs test today which i tried to study for. really. but then it was too much so i just scribbled about 2 pages. then there was maths test after that which no-one seemed to know how to do so i just went to sleep. :S

stayed back to watch people shoot after school. the team's coming together nicely. nic hit his PB today. that's cool :D

yep. and if anyone feels like baking bread, go talk to val. she has flour in her hair.
i wonder why :D

oh yea and muscle cream is like a miracle man. seriously. bye bye sore thighs! WOOOO!
eh shit. i think i had a bit of muscle cream on my fingers when i was scratching my nose. now my nose is like burning.

ouch leh

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