Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ah yes. Monthly shoot. Idon't think i've ever shot so many 7s in a single shoot. Five 7s. FIVE. That's like 15 points gone. Just like that.
See? This is all because the range isn't air conditioned. And also partly because i anyhow shoot.
But whatever. My gun loves me. It gives me 10s even when i mess up a bit. And nice 10s at that. Like 10.7s and 10.8s. I'll put up a photo of AR12 here one day. hahahaha :D

Oh yea, then later when i was walking back home, i saw the moon and it's like mother-effing big. Like, really huge. Almost crashing into the earth kind of huge. It was super bright too. O.O

OMG it just occured to me that i could have hit 570 if not for those 7s. @!$#^*%%*(%&!$)(


ok i'm gonna go do GP homework now. See? I do homework one hor.

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