Monday, January 21, 2008

oh man. my earphones spoiled ):
no more emo music blasting on the bus. so sad.

MONDAY'S OVER YO! SECKS! i really, really hate mondays. they end the latest and no training after school. bad.
smooth sailing for the rest of the week. *cool shades emote*

ayuh. my left shoulder hurts when i lift my arm. like mother-effing pain la. really, really pain. see kids, this is what happens when you get over ambitious about training for pull ups. LOL
note to self: no strenuous activities involving left shoulder for the rest of the week.

monthly shoot tmr. :D
i really, really hope my team improves then we can like kick everyone else's ass come july. except maybe rj. they're like sitting on a rung above everyone, laughing as we fight for second place. bastard rich kids. pui. :P

and i've been using "really, really" a lot. like, really, really a lot.

oh yea. mass pe is really, really not fun.


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