Thursday, January 10, 2008

MY DAD USED TO SHOOT TOO. How cool is that! The way he tells it, his pistol groupings were on average, inside the 8 ring. That's 5 shots into a hole about 4.5 cm across, at 10 metres, with a pistol. Without training.
And I don't know how true this is but he also said he once put 5 shots into the 7 ring on a rifle card! Well fuck me. I have trouble even holding a pistol still. LOL

ok, so maybe, just maybe his memory may be a bit distorted after all these years (he shot in secondary school. that's like 20+ years ago :O ), maybe an 8 became a 9, a 9 became a 10, but still, it's cool knowing that shooting runs in the family. :D

And he's an ex-marist. What does this show? MARISTS FTW. period.

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