Wednesday, January 9, 2008

today, i wore slippers into not one, not two, but - wait, actually two lectures. pratically froze my toes off. it's almost impossible to sleep when your feet feel like they're frozen solid ):

oh yea. i love my rifle. it shoots good. (:

OH. and just now while i was wating for the bus that took like 25 mins to arrive, i saw this fat indian man smoking in front of his wife and 3 kids. asshole. you want to smoke and destroy your lungs, fine. but don't smoke in front of your kids man. that's like practically inviting them to die an early death with you. bitch.

and did i mention i love my rifle? it shoots really, really well. it's the rifle, i swear. i shoot like shit with other guns.

sinyean is starting to feel the urge to buy his own shooting suit so he doesn't have to use the smelly stuff in school. and he also wants a girlfriend. now he thinks he has crossed the line into loser/despo territory.

:/ sian.

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