Sunday, February 10, 2008


I wasted my spartan post. (300th post for you slow ones out there)
neh mind. here comes the (spartan + 1) post

ah yes. am back from northern neighbouring country. i can't say it was a perilous journey, so i won't.
(damn. it's hard to find a situation to describe as a 'perilous journey'. sounds damn cool leh)

yes. anyway, my granduncles have damn cool houses.
note to self: take some pics next time.

mmm ok no inspiration so i'll just talk rubbish.
1) cny food= fat
2) KL = @!#$ far -> disgustingly long car rides + aching ears from uncomfortable headphones
3) singapore customs = teh sucks. seriously. JAMMED ALL THE WAY BACK TO M'SIA. I KID YOU NOT.
4) mondays suck
5) i wish i could just skip straight to tues
6) oh shi- bio SPA on tues. haven't studied T.T
7) i wish i could just skip straight to wed
8) i wish i could just stop complaining and actually get stuff done.
9) smacks self on head.


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