Friday, February 8, 2008


it's a quarter to four in the morning and i'm awake. which is kinda stating the obvious.

wow. this blog gets visitors at 2 in the morning. i'm flattered.

i think i'm online because i feel like emptying my mind and putting my thoughts somewhere (like the pensieve dumbledore has in the harry potter books! dunno where that came from. it just popped into my mind lol), but with blogs being semi-public and all, i don't think that this is the best medium to really do anything but talk rubbish because i dont have anything to share with the rest of the world. well, at least nothing that i want to be publicly known.
yes. selfish behaviour. i know.
i think this is why people keep journals. i would get one too but journals are gay. HAH.

no, wait. i think i want to share this. i think cny is overrated. really. it's boring shit. i'd much rather be in school with my friends. not that i don't want to visit my relatives, but KL is effing far.
(i sound like a whiny little kid, no?)

aaargh. too many thinks going on. my head is going to explode. imagine that. having your head explode in front of your computer while blogging. not a pretty sight. yea ok i'm babbling. and my nose is still itchy and runny and i'm wasting tissues. sorry rainforests of the world.
take note kids. runny noses kill rainforests.

see? babble babble non stop. ok my eyes are hurting. sleep doesn't seem so distant anymore.

goodnight(morning?) world and hello bed. cy'all in two and a half days.

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