Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TSK. With the amount of time I spend staring at my phone playing tetris, I'm going to need specs by the end of the month. Wait, no that's like, next Monday. Ok, that's just ridiculous. Maybe by the end of next month. SPECTACLES!! DAMN, THAT'S COOL.

I just watched Sweeney Todd. (Lag. I know.) It's a horribly morbid movie, but strangely enough, I actually feel like eating pies now. hahaha

Oh, and today was the first time in a long while that I actually got to go home right after school ended. Let me tell you, that is a helluva good thing because I got totally exhausted from tetris. You're prolly going "WTF" right now but I swear it's true.

mmhmm. True as the sky is blue.

Heh, I don't know where that came from hahaha

k nap. bye

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