Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Deary me. The tables in school are a health hazard. Just yesterday I was jumping around in class and banged my shins against the tables in class, and as if that wasn't enough, I banged my right shin at the exact same spot twice. Does that suck or does that suck? Although I must admit, stupidity was maybe a small factor in this. So in a nutshell, I ended up with scrapes/bruise/abrasions all rolled into one hurting [insert appropriate noun here]. On both legs. The swelling on my right shin was about the size of an egg. I found that rather amusing.

Today I went out in the morning to get my passport extended because that is what people do when their passports are near their expiry dates. They extend their passports. Passport was unextendable so had to make a new application but I didn't have the money so booooo, no passport.

Then I went to orchard and met violet on the way. LOL. Hello. Wanted to go to the library because I was early. (much too early, but hey, I was expecting to have to queue to get the passport settled)
Library was closed. WTF. Lazy librarians. Wake up earlier to open your libraries! And I swear, CJ people are everywhere. It's like an infestation or something. You see them almost anywhere. Saw a group waiting for the library to open. HAH! STUCK OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY! LOSERS! HAHAHAHA!

Went to SAVH to try to get a willing sucker interviewee to interview. The interviewees were unavailable when we asked so the interviewers waited for the interviewees so there could be an interview to interview the interviewees by us, the interviewers. (that has got to be the most confusing thing I've ever typed out)

Oh and I was wearing the most inappropriate shirt. NO ONE TOLD ME WE WERE GOING TO SAVH DAMMIT. It's not very nice to walk into an association for the visually handicapped wearing a t shirt that pokes fun at disabled people. It's downright awkward. Good thing zhi hua brought his bag so I borrowed it to hide my shirt.

*creepy weird voice* "Once again, the day is saved by the powerpuff girls zhi hua's bag!"

ughhh. lamelamelamelame

Then we went for sushi buffet at the cathay! seks. Well, almost. Not the best but not the worst either. But hey, it was all you can eat. Can't complain about that. I'm such a cheap bastard. xD
Went over to PS after suhshibuffetlunch and zomgwtfbbqsauce DAISO IS EVIL. It has all these useless things that you probably wouldn't even think of buying but because it's all at $2 you can't resist and end up buying useless stuff anyway. What's counts as useless stuff? Well, let's see. Water pistols? Kiddy table tennis set? Wooden plate/stand/whateveritis?
All anabelle's fault. She suggested we go in to take a look. :P

But I don't regret buyign the watergun. It's the coolest looking watergun that I've seen in a long time. ^^

K doing pw now. nitez

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