Sunday, October 28, 2007

I never thought I would say this, but OP is quite fun! I just wish it would be earlier then we would get it over and done with quicker -> FREEDOM FOR TWO MONTHS! SEKS.

Lookin forward to hardcore training! WOOTS!
Speaking of shooting, I went for CIP at HTNS yesterday. Basically, they had disabled people shooting in a competition and we were volunteers. It changed my perception of disabled people. I used to think that they were a bunch of cynics. THEY ARE NOT. They are damn nice people. (:

mmm... lets see... what else is there to talk about?

oh yea! pizza and kfc diet ftw! My pw group came over yesterday to film our video presentation for pw and my dad over ordered hahahahaha xD

and I'm supposed to be compiling our video right now but I'm not. SHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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