Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh boy! Last day of school tomorrow! An ocassion mildly marred by OP dry run. bummer.

Speaking of which, I haven't touched the slides I'm supposed to do yet. My my, we're getting a little too good at procrastination aren't we? :x

Some stuff to do this week:
-get passport renewed
-get another draft of I&R done (This is my best write up for PW yet! I don't mean to brag but I finished the first draft in slightly under an hour and it just needs some minor editing now. ^^)
-finish Ptolemy's Gate? (My god... I've been reading that book for two years now.)
-any other stuff that happens to crop up

Righto. that's about all the stuff I have to get done.
K I'm going to take a nap cause I have this thumping mother of a headache and I can feel a strange throbbing in my right eye. Not nice at all.

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