Saturday, October 20, 2007

I just cleaned up my bike this afternoon. With a little sandpaper, a few rags and some oil, it should be good as new by next week. I haven't touched it for about a year now. It's been sitting there collecting dust and oxidising away all this while. Not a pretty sight. Well, once it's been cleaned up a bit, I'm going to start riding it again! ^^
Lots of time now you see. Not that much actually, but still much more than usual. Been thinking of going out and buying cool stuff that I've been wanting. Like that bamboo plate from IKEA and whatever doodads and thingamajigs I might happen to see on the way. LOL.

Well, next week's the last week of school! This year zipped past real quick for me. I still remember what I was doing this time last year as if it were just last week. :O
I think I'll just stop here for today. I don't feel like typing anymore. hah

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