Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I sneezed so bloody much today that it now hurts to even breathe deeply. Stupid crappy nose. I've been having runny/blocked nose problems since as long as I can remember. I think I got bad genes from my parents. ):

I was all zombi-esque this morning, then amazingly, I got better after break! Shitty school canteen food really does wonders :D (ok, the yong tau foo stall is quite good actually, so is the deli corner, but that's it. All the other stalls suck d****y b***s). Oh and the ground shook during bio and it happened to be raining heavily with lots of thunder and lightning (kinda like end-of-the-world stuff actually) so it seemed as though the thunder shook the ground. LOL. Ok, I'm probably the only one who finds that even remotely amusing. As always. sigh...

I'm trying to recall my timetable for tomorrow. I have the timetable in my bag but I just can't be assed to reach behind and search for it because I am LAZY. LARDBUTT. Seriously, I think I need to start running. Getting fat leh. I think I'd just collapse and get downgraded to pes E if I go into NS in my current state. I also need to stop eating out so often before/after trainings. It's digging a HUMONGOUS hole in my wallet. ):

Speaking of wallets, I'm going to make one out of packing tape (that's extra wide scotch tape used to tape up boxes and it's clear so I think it'll prolly be quite cool) and one out of those plastic sheets that people use to wrap textbooks. Then if I'm successful I'm going to start selling them to gullible people my friends at exorbitant relatively affordable prices. ^^ Then if I make a lot of money out of that I'm going to start a franchise and call it The OTHER Wallet Shop. Ok, so maybe that's not the most original of names, but I bet it'll sure as hell annoy the shit out of the owner of The Wallet Shop. Somehow, I never quite liked that shop. I think it's cos they sell low quality stuff at ridiculous prices. Totally not worth it.

Ok. I realise I've used a lot of "ok"s in this post.
Yep. I'm going to sleep. Nitez y'all.

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